Thank God It's Friday

Hello happy people!

Today is Friday May 7th. TGIF! Thank God It's Friday, I love Fridays, it's the best day of the week.

Today started out with school.. surprise..!? I'm not very pumped for our new english assignment, we're gonna analyze a character from one of the stories we've read and then write an essay about him/her. I'm gonna write about a psycho named Emily, she killed her husband/fiancé/boyfriend and then kept his corpse and slept by it for 40 years! Creepy huh? I hoped for these last couple of weeks to be lazy but apparently not. I'm supposed to be in school 'til June 4th though because I'm enrolled as a junior but that ain't gonna happen! I can't count this year anyways so I don't see how it matters. But whatevva!

After school me, Juli and Daisy went to the movies. We watched the Last Song. I didn't like Miley Cyrus' character at all, she's bipolar, rude, bitchy and she probably has asperger or something like that. Not even funny. But the movie was okay even though she was in it.
After that we went to a cheap mexican restaurant, I ate Pollo Loco which was two big pieces of chicken in some really spicy marinade, with rice, beans and guacamole. I don't like the rice and beans at all but the rest of it was good. After that we went to Dairy Queen and I had a cookie dough blizzard.

After that we had this weird conversation that was mostly made up of "that's what she said!" which is a popular phrase here right now.. And then we went home to Daisy's, played some card games and took some silly pictures. I then got home to an empty house and I still don't know where everybody else is.. I've texted them but they didn't answer, weird huh? I think I have to send another text.

Well now I'm tired.. It's 10:19pm. Now it's only two days and then my friends will be here, exciting!

See you guys!

Edit: They're at the musical Grease, I'm jealous! Grady and Avery are at grandma's.

Kajsa André
2010-05-08 @ 19:32:23

Jag ställde ett par frågor till dig för ett tag sedan om hur det är att vara utbytesstudent. Nu har jag blivit antagen och ska åka nån gång i slutet av sommaren:) Men har du några tips om hur man kan förbereda sig på bästa sätt? Tränade du extra mycket på engelskan? Och hur fick du med all packning? Man får ju bara ha 23kg vilket jag tycker låter ganska lite.

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